Patrol system is another type of security & defense system, it's an important and intelligent tool for modern guard patrol at different trades, such as oil tank and natural gas pipeline checking, railway station checking, electric power station checking, shopping mall & supermarket checking, government / hospital / school checking, etc. 

Comparing to the traditional patrol system, the modern patrol system is called intelligent patrol because of its multiple functions, which comes with fingerprint verification before checking, a voice prompt of checking succeed or failure, real-time communication via GSM / GPRS, real-time GPS location / GIS electronic map technology, phone call / photo & video as support of site checking, all of these intelligent functions make the patrol more flexible and reliable. 


1)  Traditional touch type with data download & transfer station;

2)  RFID fingerprint type with magnetic contact cable for data download & transfer; 

3)  Real-time GPS+RFID intelligent type. 

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