As is known to all, after system installation, a continuous and comprehensive maintenance service is very important and helpful to keep the system facility (ies) run in a good environment, which can extend the performance time of system facility (ies).

For new built-up project, our customer can enjoy a free warranty service with a period of 1 (one) year.

For all existing projects which free warranty had expired, customers can also enjoy our continuous maintenance service based on sign-off maintenance service agreement.

1)  Maintenance service options and the time of response are as below,

Maintenance Service Options                

Committed Time of Response                

Standard 5x8 office hour service

    Next business day (Taipa / Coloane Area)
    Within 4 hours (Macao Area)

Emergent service as required

    Within 4 hours (Taipa / Coloane Area)
    Within 2 hours (Macao Area)

7x24 round the clock service as required

    Within 4 hours (Taipa / Coloane Area)
    Within 2 hours (Macao Area)

Customers who have new project contract or annual maintenance service agreement with Fo Kai will enjoy our maintenance service above accordingly.

2)  Standard maintenance service.

Regular on-site inspections on systems & facilities will be implemented periodically (by Week/Month/Season as required), including hardware /software & electrical system check up, surface cleaning and deeply cleaning for equipments. The related inspection reports will be provided to customers for further evaluation.

On-site technical supports by daily as required. Our professional and skillful technicians will be stand by to serve the customers on different cases in our committed response time, terms and conditions are subjected to the sign-off project contracts / maintenance service agreements. The related inspection reports will be provided to customers for further evaluation.

3)  Extension maintenance service

Equipment Relocation Service 

Refer to hardware equipment’s removal /relocation and reconfiguration service, which is including pre-relocation preparation, equipment removal and transportation, hardware reload and standard functional test, system re-commissioning.

Equipment On-loan Service

A customized system including hardware and software on-load service can be provided to the customers, as well as installation service, on-site technical support periodically while necessary.

In the period of maintenance, minor components / common hardware on-load service can be provided to the customers in case of any existing equipment being repaired, assure existing system run as normal. 

Per-Call Service 

For any customer who does not build up project contract or maintenance agreement with Fo Kai, will still be able to enjoy our valuable technical support by using our per-call based support service, service charge depends on different cases.

Software Development & Deployment 

Consultation Service


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