Note of discontinued28-05-2019

To our customers,

As formal notify by the vendors, products listed as below were discontinued and there is no any more support on product purchasing / After-Sales server or other maintenance service regarded to those products & the management software.

Surveillance system

Video recorder, support traditional analog CCTV camera, 4 / 8 / 16 ch video inputs, built-date on 2010 and before;

CCTV camera, in traditional analog type, provided and installed on 2010 and before.

Access control & time attendance series 

T50 fingerprint reader, firmware 201.106, provided and installed on 2009 and before;

Multiple access control panel, 4001/4002/4004 models /version 6.9, provided and installed on 2011 and before;

iCCard management software, version6.9, provided and installed on 2011 and before.

Alarm control series

Alarm control panel, 8 zones /version 2.5, provided and installed on 2013 and before;

External keypad, with LED display /compatible with 8 zones alarm control panel   / version 2.5.

For our customers whom with annual maintenance service contract (or agreement) with Fo Kai, if you have any problem on those hardware or software, please contact us for support and we will try to trouble shooting it or suggest a new solution if problem still fail to fix up. Thank you so much for your great understanding.