Handkey turnstile system is also a system belonged to Access control & Time attendance series, it's typically use for worker entrance control and time attendance in almost all the construction sites of HongKong & Macau both. The system combines by turnstile / geometric reader of Handkey II hand reader and other necessary accessories. Besides, there is a very powerful and reliable management software as the management tool for end user.

Why is this system so popular in construction sites? 

It's identified by hand geometry which is more stable than other identification method, apply to construction site now and before, it's even more acceptable than fingerprint reader.

1.  Hundreds of thousands of HandKeys are installed all over the world in diverse  applications providing millions of error free transactions every day.

2.  Incredibly fast installation & intuitive enrollment increases user convenience.

3.  Verification in less than 1 second makes it ideal for high throughput applications

4.  High product quality + low maintenance costs =Low total cost of ownership.

5.  Eliminate the worry of lost, stolen or unauthorized transfer of ID cards plus the cost of purchasing and maintaining these cards.

6.  Hand geometry technology is well accepted by end users as there are NO fingerprints or palm prints taken and the user does not leave behind any trace of their biometric data.

7.  HandKeys can be used as standalone systems to protect critical access points that can be easily integrated into virtually every new or existing access control system in the market today.

8.  Ability to customize user specific security levels, time zones, holidays and languages based on your needs.

9.  Environmental enclosures and integrated heater units make the HandKey an ideal solution for outdoor usage.

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