What is Alarm control system? Theoretically you can treat it as your electronic security guard(s) as this system can help you on interior / exterior and boundary defense. For an active alarm control system, there will be alert (Siren / Phone call / SMS / eMail) as notify if some object try to offend any defended area illegally, all those illegally intrusions will be synchronized recorded by surveillance system. A complete alarm control system is including main control host / external keypad / siren and different kinds of sensors & detectors.

Main control host is a control panel with multiple functions such as programming / live displaying / site monitoring, etc. After programming, the sirens will be activated and you will aslo receive continuous phone calls from the main control host in case of any illegal instrusion, with voice recording indicate the current area being triggered, both the sirens and the phone calls will stop only if the alarm control system is disarmed by you via local site control or remote site control.There are types of control panel like 8zone / 16zone / 32zone / 64zone for customer's consideration according to actual installation environment.

Alarm control sensor & detecor. There are types of alarm control sensors & detecors, indoor / outdoor type, economic / industrual type, common / enterprise type, wire / wireless type, etc. We will recomment the suitable type for you according to your requirment, as well as main control host and other necessary accessories. Thurther more, we can also help you to design an integration solution between Surveillance system / Alarm control system / Access control & time attendance system or other intelligent systems which are necessary. 

After system installation / set up / testing & commissioning by Fo Kai, the system is ready and what you need to do is arm or disarm the system in a very simple way, 4 options are available for your reference,

Option 1): Arm / Disarm by smart remote at local site.

Option 2): Arm / Disarm by external keypad at local site.

Option 3): Arm / Disarm by phone command at remote site.

Option 4): Arm / Disarm by App at remote site. The App is compatible with IOS and Android system both. 

Please refer to the following grahp for a first information and contact us for your exclusive solution at your convenience time.

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